PUPOL ECN’s Online Brown Bag Session: “The Dark Side of Public and Political Leadership”

24th March 2022 17:00 CEST

The PUPOL Early Career Network launches regular informal event series: Online Brown Bag Sessions. Our aim is to create a virtual forum for professionals and scholars with different scientific backgrounds to discuss important ideas and questions. The first topic is the dark side of public and political leadership.

The events of recent years have again summoned the ‘Hitler’s ghost’ (Kellerman) or evoked the ‘Hitler’s problem’ (Ciulla) that is constantly haunting leadership researchers. The literature is often overwhelmed by two high or over-romanticized expectations of leadership covering its negative effects. From time to time, however, critical voices emerge focusing on: baddestructivenarcissisteviltoxic, and too strong leaders. What does make leadership bad? What kind of negative impact can leadership have on society and democratic politics? What is the leader’s role in this? Why do bad leaders rely on ideological, populist, and quasi-religious political cults? What are the characteristics of these cults? What are the responsibilities of the followers in this ‘bad’ or ‘toxic’ relationship?

These issues are particularly important for public and political leadership studies since leaders have to abide by the written and unwritten rules and values of democratic and constitutional regimes. Our invited speakers will help us to answer these questions.

The event is hosted by Rudolf Metz and Institute for Political Science, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary


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The session will take place online via Zoom.