PUPOL Early Career Network

“PUPOL Early Career Network: Developing the Leadership of Tomorrow”


The Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL) Early Career Network (ECN) was founded in 2020 at the virtual PUPOL Conference 2020 to connect young scholars interested in public and political leadership as a sub-network of PUPOL: International Academic Network Public and Political Leadership.

PUPOL ECN develops the leadership of tomorrow by connecting early career scholars worldwide engaged with public and political leadership, offering inspiration, facilitating collaboration, and striving to make an impact.


Aligning with the PUPOL mission to address complex societal challenges through scholarship specifically focusing on the role of leaders and leadership in the public and political domain, the PUPOL ECN contributes to this general mission by connecting early career scholars worldwide engaged in scholarship on these topics.

Early career scholars benefit from an international network, both for their personal development and career opportunities as well as to conduct high-end academic research which contributes to global wicked challenges, developing the leadership of tomorrow.

PUPOL ECN organizes regular meetings, workshops, and seminars. Social media groups, as well as mailing lists, are the starting point to stay in touch.


We envision PUPOL ECN as an international academic network among early career scholars with the following three main goals:

  • Inspiration. PUPOL ECN offers a community that allows young scholars to broaden their academic horizons, discover career opportunities, and get in touch with remarkable scholars from across the globe.
  • Collaboration. PUPOL ECN has the goal to facilitate transnational academic partnerships, to offer a community for networking and exchange of experiences, and to create an open-minded, innovative, and empowering community spirit.
  • Impact. PUPOL ECN aims to create and share excellent academic research on public and political leadership and to work closely together with PUPOL to contribute to their general mission.

ECN Board: Mazlan Maskor, Moniek Akerboom, Lara van Osch, Leonie Backhaus, Elme Vivier, Anita Lum Amaanwi Wanki.

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