We collected some interesting updates from our field of public and political leadership.

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PUPOL news and events

  • PUPOL panel at IRSPM Conference 2021

The panel organized by PUPOL at IRSPM Conference on 20 – 23 Apr 2021 proved to be a great success. Our six sessions created a perfect forum for students of public and political leadership to discuss their research developments. In addition, the eighteen high-quality lectures and conference papers covered a wide variety of issues such as populist politics, civic leadership, and the determinants of leadership in the public sector. Many thanks to the IRSPM team for excellently organizing the event and to the participants for sharing their valuable thoughts!

Research developments

Some exiting readings for this month:

International Journal of Public Leadership: Volume 17 Issue 2

Special Issue of Voluntary Sector Review: Place leadership and the role of the third sector and civil society. Guest Edited by Oto Potluka, Alessandro Sancino, John Diamond and James Rees.