PUPOL 3rd international conference in Sweden 19-20 April 2018

The final deadline for registration and submission of papers for PUPOL’s third international conference is 15 March 2018.

Set to take place at The Swedish Defence University in beautiful Stockholm, this year’s conference promises to be yet another eventful gathering of scholars in public and political leadership from around the world. 


This year’s conference theme is ‘Leadership in a Changing Environment‘.

With this theme, we want to explore leadership challenges that arise from rapid change, such as crisis management and dealing with technological change on markets, but also those that concern more slow-burning, structural issues such as negotiating multilateral framework agreements to combat climate change, to limit disaster risk and to facilitate international trade. Other intriguing topics within the realm of Leadership in a Changing Environment involve the changes emanating from leadership transitions and leadership challenges relating to public, organizational and corporate values and losses in market/public trust. The communicative practices deployed in facing rapid change are especially interesting.

Papers, workshops and symposia are invited on topics relevant to the theme, including but not limited to:

  • Global challenges for the public and political domains (e.g. migration, safety, climate change) and the role of leadership therein
  • Processes and outcomes of crisis leadership at societal, inter- and intra- organizational, group and/or individual levels on key societal functions (e.g. democratic practices, policy-making, public services, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, auditing and monitoring, communication)
  • The role of leadership in addressing wicked problems, on an international, national, regional or local level and in different policy domains (e.g. policing, welfare, economic development)
  • Negative leadership (e.g. destructive, abusive or toxic leadership) and how this diminishes public and social value
  • Original methodological perspectives and comparative studies in researching antecedents, processes and outcomes of leadership
  • Power, politics and political astuteness in public and political leadership
  • Leadership development for crisis management

We encourage submissions that explore the different aspects of the conference theme, but note that other papers on public and political leadership are also welcome.

For more details about the conference or to register, check out the conference website and Call for Papers.